/u/needsleepalways is very positive!

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0.8858 the Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard would be awesome for playing!
0.8516 Your contour is lovely and i love the lip colour!
0.8385 Its a natural lip colour but still has a very berry tone, its a good start if you don't want to go too bold!
0.8122 If she enjoys arts and crafts then it could be a win with her!
0.7574 I saw [this video] a few years back and thought there was some pretty neat gifts on it!
0.7418 Her face cleared up pretty well over the past week!!
0.7417 This is so beautiful!
0.7178 I'm playing on PC, absolutely loving it.
0.7177 I've played bf3 a handful of times, theyre very similar, you could always try out the free trial on origin and see what you think!
0.7003 I play PC too, add me sure my gt is burgerque3n
0.6996 Hope this helps!

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-0.7391 Bit rotten about the pizzas, sometimes sauces spill in the bag and its annoying but the burgers are dead on, very rarely have a soggy bottom lol.
-0.636 No problem!
-0.5707 Its disgusting!
-0.4753 She seems to be struggling with money and could be having a child for money?!
-0.3612 That sucks, judging by tripadvisor they had a few hiccups when starting.
-0.3595 Missing it!
-0.3595 Ah, I had no idea about this!
-0.296 If you pull at your septum, do you feel a tiny spot at the front with no cartilage?
-0.2924 Her instructions were to use it for a week and then come back to the doctors if it didn't clear.
-0.2755 Couldn't recommend it more
-0.2732 Ask your hairdresser to add some low lights to break up the blonde, they will give it a more ash blonde look
-0.2498 Very good food though, chips are to die for!