/u/nduked is kind of a dick.

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0.845 Sure those soldiers were brave and I respect their sacrifice but just because we haven't had a world war doesn't mean we're pussies.
0.8223 Similar to the blood test positive was positive but inconclusive was not necessarily negative 100%.
0.8174 Like I said there's needs to be some redistribution of funds not just from prisons to focus on those that aren't criminals to assist In them not becoming criminals.
0.7859 to summarize they were bland and the old bay did little to help, also I'm pretty sure that they were 50% bone.
0.7717 Even max security prisons have conjugal visits three fully proportioned meals a day and the possibility of moving to medium security prisons if good behavior of the inmate.
0.7351 You look like you're only happy when you're touching kids.
0.6908 I'm honestly wondering if you realize this and are willing to go forward knowing those details or if you simply support the economic policy?
0.6705 So I was just going through my pictures recently and I found this beauty.
0.6249 Yeah I've since filleted a couple more fish using the technique you described and it did work much better.
0.5267 What would be to gain?
0.4588 Better education on the public level could possibly help reduce the population of our ever growing prison population.

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-0.8689 It also depends heavily upon lawyers and the degree of violence past what is "typical" of a murder or some related event.
-0.8622 Not only that but the actual death is not a painful way to die as dictated by modern standards .
-0.8519 Well no if I knew before hand but we live in a world where the wrongful death penalty is already a possibility.
-0.836 Hell maybe that "greatest generation" is a bunch of pussies because they didn't have to go through a Spanish flu outbreak in the middle of their war what wimps.
-0.8176 It being an option does not change the fact that the prison system is over crowed and many of those people don't deserve to be there. TLDR: death penalty: yes, prisons: need some work
-0.8074 War criminal?
-0.7906 i silently prayed that my weapon would still fire as i had neglected its upkeep for quite some time.
-0.7845 the blasts killed millions but in the end the humans were defeated.
-0.7845 Do we simply outlaw the death penalty?
-0.7845 Would there be a new level of prisons solely for those who would otherwise earn the death penalty?
-0.7845 Mmmm my one little thing about this is the opposition to the death penalty.
-0.7741 they knew that even the most government hating creature would still not help humans. just as Reggie and i had almost finished our 12th game of dice the radio crackled and stopped.