/u/nazicumfarts is kind of a dick.

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0.7901 Because they only jokes that are allowed these days are "Trump is da silly man, hahaha LOL!" jokes.
0.7264 Posts like this just make it all the more fun.
0.7096 Good luck with that.
0.7003 If you mean that you made me laugh, yeah, you did.
0.652 You're not mocking anyone, bitch.
0.6369 You love that phrase.
0.6249 Gavin is awesome.
0.5994 Congratulations.
0.5859 Okay, you have 5 comments left to impress me.
0.5559 Calls himself a nazi. Hasn't even killed any Jews.
0.5367 So, it was pretty much a seance.

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-0.8319 If you don't impress me in those 5 comments, I'm going to make you one of my ultimate bitches, and just ignore you.
-0.7975 We don't like self-assessed N3 cunts like you.
-0.7964 I'm sick of this bitch.
-0.7797 Just because you don't like it, no need to cry. Fuck off and don't come back.
-0.7579 Rick and Morty is pretentious shit, and if you like it you're a faggot.
-0.7096 Fuck off, faggot. We make fun of useless shitcunts like you to pass the time.
-0.7096 Well, I guess only female victims of sexually harassment are to be believed with no real evidence.
-0.7003 You talk like that's a bad thing, bitch.
-0.6908 You're a tryhard loser weeb with repressed homosexual urges.
-0.6597 Weeb faggot.
-0.6597 Everyone is laughing at you, because I made you my bitch, bitch.
-0.6597 Take my cock out of your mouth and talk to me, bitch.