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0.8478 Wow! That's awesome
0.8422 I'm rocking 7 monitors at work myself but none of them are ultrawide Wonder if I can convince them to upgrade a few of the :D
0.8402 bless you good sir for enlightening me
0.8398 Oh man! <3 <3 <3
0.8115 So many awesome scenes This has to be my favorite by far though https://i.imgur.com/dHRJ0mz.gifv
0.8045 That's a pretty sweet setup @OP Really like your desk setup It's a bit messy but here's my setup http://imgur.com/a/brV3n Also threw in some pics of my Waifu Bike :)
0.7845 Oh man this is gorgeous <3
0.765 Hey man, just wanted to thank you So far it's going great.
0.7407 I didn't even know there was a working PS3 emulator I'd imagine the Diva series is probably easier to get working than most games. Good work!
0.7345 Holy god that is amazing!
0.7184 Took your patches and built them into a local copy of aureinand so I don't need NTR to launch it. Next step is getting that sweet sweet NNID linked

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.891 Accessory to a crime is still a crime He then would have to kill the neighbor as well
-0.6369 Holy god damn shit
-0.6161 On a residential account they aren't going to support anything but their crap.
-0.576 Obviously won't help the actual streaming but at least would keep your web servers from catching fire
-0.5256 I think he has to enable it with a button press, same as his bombs Once enabled though it's automagic based upon the conditions he chose I could also be completely wrong
-0.4767 Sorry convergence machine broke
-0.2232 Ah neat, I didn't know they did that That probably does change some things but either way I wouldn't expect much help from Verizon.
-0.2023 Damn straight son
-0.1027 I've gotten to the point I only care when I'm in my neighborhood Outside of that, blastin weeb shit all over the roads
-0.0572 Man I don't want to imagine that nightmare scenario
0.0 One for each cheek
0.0 Reported fucking