/u/nationals90 is very positive!

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0.9468 Well she already looks great but if she wants to get super fat I bet she'd look great that way too!
0.9133 You look great but I hope you don't want to stop gaining any time soon!!
0.9081 Super sexy, wish I could play with your fat rolls.
0.872 Well that seems like a good habit if you're trying to gain wait.
0.8655 Your body is amazing, wish we could relax together!
0.8613 Love how much your belly jiggles, so sexy.
0.8555 You look like you might be a good fit at a place like r/gonewildcurvy.
0.855 Well you're very good at it, your body is amazing!
0.8524 Subscribed, hope to see more of this amazing rack of yours!!
0.8519 Great shirt, I love how it shows off your big ol' titties.
0.8481 Obviously amazing in both, but the extra pounds suit her perfectly.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.722 Evening for me, but that ass is incredible any time of day!
-0.6249 Name a time and a place and I'll suck on then until you ask me to stop.
-0.5859 No bad feels here, I love that belly of yours and would kill for some play time with it.
-0.5848 Fuck you until I'm out of cum!
-0.4939 Frankly, whoever said that to that other woman was a moron.
-0.4939 I'd fuck you any time you want for as long as you'd let me.
-0.4019 Go and find me a single reputable doctor who thinks you need to lose weight and I'll give you my house and car.
-0.3182 If she lost 25 pounds she would be *extremely* underweight.
-0.3164 No problem, thanks for posting! How long have you been stuffing?
-0.296 Well hell if you're anywhere near DC I'd love to come over and suck on your nipples.
-0.2942 Incredible big tits!
-0.2023 I just want to stick my face between your tits and leave it there for a while.