/u/mynxee is very positive!

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0.9516 I wish him great success with his new corp and encourage anyone looking for a good place to call home in w-space to check Lux Permanet out!
0.9382 And yes, we welcome new explorers and new players, and do our best to help them get a good start.
0.91 Hugs, and thanks for the kind words :)
0.9062 He brings excellent skills and experience to his new endeavor, not to mention a chill, friendly attitude and fun sense of humor.
0.8866 I hope you have a wonderful time at FF!
0.8625 It is best to leave a corp when being there impacts your ability to have fun.
0.8625 The toughest teachers are the best teachers :) Thera wouldn't be nearly as interesting without you and our other neighbors there.
0.8455 FYI we take our "family friendly" culture/chat policy seriously and enforce it consistently, so if you choose to join, always good to be aware of that.
0.8398 Hope you are happy and doing well!
0.8374 I hope you are writing down all your secret numbers in there :P <3
0.836 Thanks for you interest in Signal Cartel and welcome back to EVE.

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-0.8979 It would be boring if there was no danger or no disagreements.
-0.7003 I always follow up and kick proven offenders with extreme prejudice.
-0.6597 My losses and the losses of my members are mainly irrelevant to me.
-0.6486 Get in touch with A Dead Parrot; he's the genius behind Allison.
-0.6319 While it is public on the killboard, I am not in favor of waving violators' names around elsewhere.
-0.6113 Those tribute cans always make me so sad.
-0.5994 If you feel you must kill our pilots, that is fine.
-0.5719 My corpse is or at least used to be there, for example, and at last check .02 seconds ago this old clone was still breathing.
-0.5719 Don't be afraid to ask the other guy how you could have avoided the loss he handed you.
-0.5267 We expect to be given no quarter and no passes.
-0.5267 Credo violations happen, pilots depart, water over the bridge, we move on with our business.
-0.5267 The details for Credo violations beyond what I annotate on killmails to preserve our rep remain confidential to leadership.