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0.8555 I love the initiative for a unique data viz but it seems that to directly compare average shot length a bar chart would be best.
0.8424 Great job keep track of your expenses so diligently and congrats on the marriage!
0.8176 The DS community on Twitter and DS/ML related subreddits are also great sources of inspiration or techniques to execute in personal projects.
0.8172 Neat viz, I love the gif!
0.802 Hi, JordeyShore great solve times As required by the sidebar can you please post the tool you used to make the visualization?
0.7959 Great work, clearly you put in a lot of effort into it!
0.7906 Hi OP, nice viz, love the logos in the dots.
0.7845 I think the table is great, a lot easier to see the variables in an ordered fashion than try to squeeze it into the graph.
0.7655 While it looks gorgeous I'm gonna be honest and say that I had a really hard time skimming it.
0.7574 Also congrats on your progress!
0.7269 /r/mk helped me gain the knowledge to help provide RSI.

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-0.5837 The absolute mad lad!!
-0.5719 "Big Data" although I hate that term).
-0.5413 I want so bad.
-0.4019 While this fits the criteria of valid submission I feel obliged to point out the bar chart is **highly** misleading as the y-axis is not scaled to zero.
-0.4019 Hi lemtrees, If I remember correctly the rule was made around a year ago when we received multiple complaints from users that American Politics had flooded the sub.
-0.296 No infographics or other unautomated diagrams.
-0.2057 Any reason why you chose not to create a bar chart with say D3.JS since you have a JS background?
0.0 However, your submission was removed for the following reason: * 5\.
0.0 See [Infographic vs.
0.0 Visualization] for more information.
0.0 This post would be more appropriate in /r/Infographics. This post has been removed.
0.0 However, your submission was removed for the following reason: * 2\.