/u/mrsrevshamwow is very positive!

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0.9531 I'm super happy with this great sweater, it's perfectly scalable for any weather!
0.9406 That shirt is so great, and the necklace design is perfect for your style! I know that your husband must really love that new scent on you if he urged you to buy it.
0.9364 I love the way you've styled the vest, and I think the fit is OK here - it's an "ugly" Halloween vest so that makes the fit actually pretty appropriate.
0.9354 I adore this haircut, and the outfit looks great - you've got some good lighting in that spot, so that's quite nice!
0.9336 Love love love that grey lipstick on you!
0.9243 Oh my god Bowie is so great!!! I'm loving the androgynous look, maybe you could do Bela Lugosi Dracula?
0.9117 Luckily, I found an amazing cropped sweater in the thrift store right after taking this photo which should go perfectly!
0.907 ;) I love the pin, and that sweater looks so great.
0.9062 ;) But i think my friends and I are pretty awesome for the most part.
0.9052 I have to be careful about balance, but otherwise it works pretty great.
0.8934 The graphics are a great highlight, and I love the shapes that it makes with your facial hair.

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-0.6808 I've toyed with getting a wig and dressing as an undergrad but I'm always worried that I'll offend someone.
-0.5606 And I'm cheap, I had them lying around and didn't want to buy anything else.
-0.5423 I think you have to work hard to get a haunted room , so if you didn't ask, then maybe not.
-0.5355 So if you're scared to post your own looks, don't be!
-0.5171 Unfortunately, food waste isn't of much interest to most economists, but I'm trying to force it.
-0.4215 My job market paper is on GMO labels, I have another project on soda taxes, and I'm working through ideas on food waste.
-0.4019 As I mentioned to someone else, my layering is the result of trial and error here on this sub.
-0.4019 Damn, I'm old...
-0.3818 They closed my Savers a few months after I moved to this new town, I think I cried.
-0.3802 Loose is also the way to go for heat!
-0.3612 He tweeted sometime after joining the show "Nobody likes a tubby goth..." but I disagree.
-0.3507 Though I think that I was imagining that you add new ideas to the "permanent" Goals journal only when you've finished the current journal - this stuff is so hard to write out!!