/u/mrhappymodernmarried is very positive!

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0.9273 Even though it is a double standard, there is just something so natural and sexy about girls playing together and my wife happily plays the part!
0.9246 It sounds like you are warming up to the idea :) Enjoy the shared common desire together.
0.9201 The amateur videos - the raw joy between those three real and daring lovers - are so hot to witness. It is the theme my sexy hot wife whispers to me when she wants us to cum.
0.9039 That is all such beautiful sexy fun!!
0.9029 She is very affectionate with the women and more than happy kiss and pet and lick her breasts and allow the other woman to go down on her.
0.8999 Gorgeous Sexy fun!
0.8938 It's still an interesting journey but far more chill, loving and content after having shared a few couples and men together.
0.893 She is beautiful! Hope you two are having fun!
0.8908 You two sound awesome and I hope you keep having fun!
0.8689 We find it is best to be upfront - The man being open to some bi play is important to us so we mind as well seek out what we want.
0.8594 She turns herself 'round And she smiles and she says "This is it, that's the end of the joke" You are STUNNING!!!

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-0.4939 We may steal a few lines and thoughts from it one day ;).
-0.4767 cry about stuff together.
-0.3818 I think I would be uncomfortable putting my bi self out there on a regular club night.
-0.3802 I can't wait to find out? ...and yeah- dat ass!
-0.357 Wouldn't it be grand to have all this and more one afternoon?
-0.296 You have no choice.
-0.296 This is the trickiest line to tread.
-0.2732 That may alleviate some of the guilt from him.
-0.2023 Did you happen to notice a lot of strange single men at her funeral?"
-0.1779 She is bi shy with many of the same earlier aversions that I had about bi-guy play.
-0.0258 It will be too sexy not in indulge with the hot talk while you fuck her with the dildo.
0.0 This always seems to be the fantasy my wife and I whisper to eachother.