/u/mraskhole is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8555 I love a girl that likes to play rough
0.8508 Sounds like some very good fun
0.8442 Such a naughty girl, you better make your Daddy happy, and tell him I said thank your for hearing you tell your tale.
0.8225 Such a lovely beauty
0.7964 good girls love being on their knees for daddy
0.7717 Love to have some time with her like that
0.7096 Well I'm sure I'd like to take those hints
0.6908 I'd like to be on your wifes friend list
0.6901 Sounds like a very good time
0.6597 look like a good deal to me
0.6483 Wait so it's not the USA fault like the media keeps telling me???

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9565 Shit fuck dumb ass bitch, doesn't even take 2 minutes to read and put the kid into a seat correctly so he doesn't bounce around...
-0.8519 Drunk dumb shit, that needs hit by a car
-0.8126 Fuck, I need a bottle of Jack just to cure the headache of trying to read that death of English writing..
-0.5574 Damn if the last three sucked, is he trying to create a black hole of suckage from these movies..
-0.552 So will some dick after seeing that pic.
-0.5423 Bad girl to my office now
-0.5423 The last line just kills me..
-0.5106 Guess they are sick of the slip jokes....
-0.4939 No need to be shy, just say or do what your thinking
-0.4767 I must shop at the wrong walmart....
-0.4588 this rages a gun owner like me so much..
-0.4479 Still as crazy???