/u/mraskhole is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence Subreddit
0.8225 That looks good on you, I hope he likes it /r/GoneWildPlus
0.8061 I want to help make that sexy body bounce!!! /r/chubby
0.7351 Now how could I pass up such a wonderful offer like that /r/gonewild
0.7351 Looking wonderful cutie /r/ginger
0.7096 With a sexy body like that, sunbathing should always be done in the nude /r/gonewild
0.7096 Then please allow me to help /r/BigBoobsGonewild
0.7089 Oh my, love the little tease while working, wish I was there for a personal view of that. /r/BBW
0.7076 A good employee it's a really big treat /r/PetiteGoneWild
0.7003 Sounds like a lot of fun /r/gonewild
0.6901 Sounds like a very good night to me /r/WouldYouFuckMyWife
0.659 Well so cute /r/RealGirls

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence Subreddit
-0.5677 Damn I'd so want to take you to the pool so you can tease me and all the other guys all day long /r/chubby
-0.5209 Im so at the wrong place to work. /r/GoneWildPlus
-0.5209 I'm so in the wrong office.. /r/gonewild
-0.4019 Damn, come smuther me with those /r/BigBoobsGonewild
-0.2263 that's a damn fine view there. /r/BBW_Chubby
-0.2263 Yep I'm in thr wrong place again /r/workgonewild
-0.1531 A quick fuck at work would be good /r/gonewild
-0.1531 I'd say damn that's a sexy view, can you come tease me some more /r/nsfwoutfits
0.0 Oh i think i could, just come sit on my lap for a bit. /r/GoneWildPlus
0.0 tell her to come on over next to me and let's take some more pics. /r/slutwife
0.0 I would be /r/gonewild
0.0 Coming to my office? /r/chubby