/u/mraskhole is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8225 Such a lovely beauty
0.8115 Still lovely and ever so much fun
0.8074 Sounds like a lot of fun cutie
0.8051 So lovely, I'd love to have you around the office to tease me
0.7964 good girls love being on their knees for daddy
0.765 sounds like a great idea.
0.743 well you sure do know how to make a work day better.
0.6808 Thank you for helping out ;)
0.6597 Yes, yes I do think about that
0.6597 looks like it be good for your outfit around my apartment
0.6597 Always good to see a smile and a view

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7845 The local govie says no we will not let you use public land to kill yourself.
-0.6597 They make you pay a fee to rent the box, then ask for you to insure it for more cash I've heard stories of folks who have had house fires and then getting charged more money for the destroyed box.
-0.5423 Tell him to fuck off
-0.5267 hell yeah, tell her to come on over anytime she wants
-0.5233 I'm so I the wrong office
-0.4767 Hell yeah, I'm up to any challenge
-0.4696 Just how damn young are you kids ??
-0.4019 Your damn right about that
-0.4019 damn right i will, might also use that belt as a collar.
-0.3818 damn sexy, as for the filter that guys an idiot.
-0.3535 So when can I stop by ?
-0.296 I'd stop by daily for one if I was your neighbor