/u/mr_grinch_ is very positive!

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0.902 I am thankful for where I live currently and the opportunity I have to explore the surrounding landscape. Thank you for the opportunity!
0.8858 Always enjoy various tea flavors, as well as a good strawberry /cream combo. Thanks for everything!
0.8805 That is awesome Thank you very much for the generosity!
0.8718 I have been picking pears and apples in the rain all weekend Love warming up with a warm beverage and the vaporizer. Thanks for everything!
0.8687 Good looking selection. 12mg for me please. Thank you for the opportunity!
0.8655 Blueberry muffin @ 12 mg would be great Thank you for the opportunity!
0.8516 I am thankful for living where I do currently and being able to hike as often as I do. Thank you for the opportunity!
0.8516 My aim is to get back into the habit of reading on the daily. Thank you for the opportunity! Happy new year
0.838 Atlantic and Hallucinations sound right up my alley. BTW I really appreciate the easy read of your "flavor descriptions" page. Thank you!
0.8313 Would love to see a Strapple Berry variety with pear and honeydew. Much appreciated!
0.8304 [LINK] Dewberry & Kiberry cream both sound quite good. Thank you for the opportunity

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5719 "Hi, I'm a recovering crack addict and this is my retarded sister.
-0.3182 MVP Pro, Phantom tank, and Holy Elixir Berry Confused @ 12 mg
0.0 I will be picking pears and apples.
0.0 Plenty of time spent on a latter.
0.0 I have been on an "Exotic Cactus" by BX Vapor kick recently.
0.0 Exotic Cactus has become my ADV.
0.0 I look forward to trying some of your flavors!
0.0 An ear player who never learned to read music, yet tore it up with a [calloused thumb] rather than utilizing traditional technique.
0.0 Count me in
0.0 I have never tried melon and custard.
0.0 I will be working, although it has been getting into the high 40s/low 50s, so I will take it.
0.0 Currently two days deep into a seven day work week.