/u/moshpitmurphy is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence Subreddit
0.9117 wow perfect skin and lovely boobs! /r/palegirls
0.8356 Wow Lovely girl! /r/OnOff
0.8356 wow lovely girl! /r/RealGirls
0.8356 wow lovely body! /r/RealGirls
0.8356 Wow lovely! /r/OnOff
0.8313 wonderful lovely girl! /r/RealGirls
0.8313 wow she looks perfect! /r/nsfw
0.8313 wow wonderful! /r/curvy
0.8268 Gorgeous Sexy Girl! /r/BustyPetite
0.8172 lovely, sexy ginger! /r/JustHotWomen
0.8172 sexy , lovely , hot ! /r/gonewild30plus

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence Subreddit
-0.5994 23 years is too young too die. /r/augustames
0.0 Who is she? /r/palegirls
0.0 who is she? /r/RealGirls
0.0 where are you? /r/gonewild30plus
0.0 I'm coming. /r/gonewild30plus
0.0 Goddess ginger! /r/redheads
0.0 Woodman casting Mary Queen /r/bodyperfection
0.0 she is very sexy!pls more! /r/HappyEmbarrassedGirls
0.0 hot hot hot! /r/RealGirls
0.0 I'm waiting for wednesday! /r/gonewild30plus
0.0 Wie geil ist das denn, Eiswrfel in der Eistheke! /r/de
0.0 Hot hot hot. /r/RealGirls