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0.9183 Simple, elegant, and delicious! Btw, I wanted to share that we hosted a gettogetther a few weeks ago and I totally used your charcuterie board picture as the inspiration for mine!
0.8393 I'm sure there are a bunch of folks, including myself, that would be more than happy to help someone through their first build.
0.8316 If you decide to get married/have kids, this will help ensure financial peace of mind if something happens to you.
0.8172 Best of luck!
0.8126 Yes, this means less $ for going out and will be tough, especially when you are in your twenties, but when you hit 65, the account will be worth about 1.3 million, tax free.
0.8074 thanks for all that you do <3 Chicken Parm is meant to be a comfort food so don't go with reduced fat versions of the cheese.
0.8026 <3 edits - added a few more tips :D
0.802 You have a nice way with words and seem like a good person.
0.7959 Thank you thank you for sharing the recipes!
0.7959 OMG, this is totally off topic, but I love your username!
0.7783 but love the flavor and texture of the bark from not-crutching.

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-0.4019 Everyone's first PC build ends up having some problem or other.
-0.2732 Put it into a low expense index fund.
-0.2057 We used to tell our first year teachers that their job was not to save the world, but simply to tread water.
-0.0754 So frustrating when you see a great submission and then have no idea what went into the dish.
-0.0276 Right now, if something happened to me, all of our debts, including mortgage, would be paid off, and would considerably ease the financial burden on my spouse.
0.0 I know it says [Homemade] but I'm thinking more along the lines of [Pro/Chef].
0.0 but your name totally reminded me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tg4u7ko333U
0.0 I'll let others give advice on handling your first year in the classroom and provide some basic financial advice.
0.0 Is it defined-benefit, or defined-contribution?
0.0 Does your employer offer a 403b or a 457b plan?
0.0 Does your employer offer life insurance?
0.0 Starting now, open a Roth IRA and try and max it out .