/u/mngg11 is kind of a dick.

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0.9201 Relief is in better shape mentally and emotionally to catch him, this is probably the best time for the good guys
0.8885 Primary officers who were active when their partners got shot are going off duty, relief is going to have a keen eye, steady hand, and will do things right.
0.8555 The only guys who are going to be in the hot zone where they'll find this asshole are the best of the best.
0.8505 I'm sure most Chechens are perfectly normal and dysfunctional like all of us.
0.8074 If you would like to discuss Russian military atrocities I would be happy to provide links for that as well, just start a thread for it.
0.6597 Care to share any hostage situations involving Chechen schoolchildren being held captive for several days by an organized government?
0.6369 I like to think that, as a Minnesotan, they would appreciate that comment.
0.4939 Probably doing it due to excitement.
0.3182 Props to all involved in contributing to this Reddit adventure
0.296 Vital tac transmissions are switched to a different channel.
0.2732 Using portable radio in the squad while the squad is running and that radio is on as well.

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-0.8807 I wrote in reference to the title "Chechen terrorism: What you need to know..." This, in my opinion, represents all you need to know about Chechen terrorism.
-0.8658 There's SOP for this kind of thing, especially in a major metropolitan area that's just suffered a terror attack.
-0.7506 This might not be a two man job, its just that the two lowest assholes on the totem pole got picked
-0.6908 One who executes someone face to face, hearing their cries for mercy, sensing the despair, being so close that the fear is palpable, and pulling the trigger anyways?
-0.6872 The Beslan Massacre in 2004 is one of the most heart wrenching, fucked up incidents in human history.
-0.6808 Some arrogant prick would tackle him before he could achieve anything.
-0.6808 Oh shit, Bosox game cancelled.
-0.6808 Mind you, the topic is Chechen terrorism, not general Chechen culture.
-0.6705 Nah, initial adrenaline dump is gone, guys are exhausted.
-0.6369 People are gonna be pissed.
-0.5859 That's all you need to know about these assholes.
-0.5707 They're losers!