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0.9818 Thanks magisci :DDD It's super hard but I'm glad it turns out decent I hope lol :3 This is one of my favorite song from them <3
0.9762 Yaaay, OMG I'm so happy you like it, Whispers :D I feel so happy thank you so much for this wonderful comment <333
0.966 I love your ramblings dear :D <333 Don't hesitate to speak it ;D I'm glad you enjoyed it
0.9644 What a great performance, I love every second of it :D I'm sure /u/throwawayyourlust will love it!
0.9605 Thank you dear :D I'm glad you enjoy it :D
0.9519 Just kidding I always try my best <3 I hope you like this one dear ;D
0.9477 I'm glad you like it Magi <3 I had fun I really like the scripts :3
0.9445 Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it JCB :D Kudos to the scriptwriter winkwink
0.9396 Thank you for listening <3 I'm happy you like it :D
0.9371 It's vampire, but yea XD I hope you like it ND
0.9371 I love this song <3 thank you for sharing :)

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-0.7345 It's either will bored you to tears or scared you :'3 Oh and so I think I will continue, for science!
-0.5842 I may not look like it but I'm a horror fans, don't worry!
-0.5719 Yeah I think he's also having flu :x It's the weather making people sick.
-0.4404 Our nation capital city rated the highest traffic jam in the world :(
-0.3612 It seems safe, without spoiler uhhhh compare to something how fucked it is?
-0.3595 I actually watched Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni and School Days too!
-0.3338 Why people rate this game so highly o.O
-0.2755 I remember when I watch Noroi movie and omg I can't sleep for like, two days.
-0.25 Did I mumble or sound unclear in anyway?
-0.1779 Hmmm I don't know though, I can be weird sometimes :'3
-0.0436 I haven't played it yet, since today is BF day :) I'm currently eating ice cream right with him right now :O
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