/u/missglitchy is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9197 :) It's pretty specific so I'm glad you enjoyed it too!
0.8891 XD Thank you kindly, sir!
0.8658 <3 I'm sure we can have a nice party for two
0.8439 :) Glad you liked!
0.836 Glad I can make it better :)
0.8225 Thank you, sweetie <3
0.8122 Happy cake day, sexy!
0.802 Glad you enjoyed ;)
0.7901 ;) Glad you liked these!
0.765 That made me laugh :)
0.763 That's so sweet :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8316 I'm sad I broke this thick choker :( I have that medium sized one though
-0.784 I think he said it in Liar, Liar!
-0.1027 I was thinking slutty Bulma would be a good Halloween idea
-0.0258 :/ Where's the story please?
-0.0163 You're not really complaining ;)
0.0 Maybe some biting
0.0 Third cake day!
0.0 I'm with you on that, sistah!
0.0 It's defying gravity
0.0 I've never been into petplay but I find this story hot!
0.0 I've never been referred to as languorous before!
0.0 Aww, costume change?