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0.9284 Such a great and funny idea! Hope to see more creative stuff from you!
0.92 I'm very glad that it was helpful to you And thanks, making my voice pleasant for the listeners to hear is important to me and I put quite some work into this.
0.9134 :) Wish you great holidays!
0.8816 I'm glad you enjoy my stuff :D
0.8516 Maybe some decoration, armor color, the sky color... Having a balance between warm and cool colors is a good way to make your painting more lively.
0.8356 Wish you good luck for the competition!
0.8271 Haha, yeah I wasn't able to think straight xP
0.8172 Well, I hope you'll enjoy my other videos too!
0.8126 You also shouldn't follow my tutorials 100%, but just take the things that are interesting and useful to you and implement them into your own, unique style.
0.7906 Yeah, Popplio seems like a fun Pokemon to me
0.7902 I also regularly do hand and finger exercises to prevent injuries. So yeah, I believe that there isn't only one way to hold the pen for creating professional work.

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-0.7579 Orange by making several trees bloom in time. The controls work frustratingly bad for this...
-0.6105 Most fights back then ended with just one or two slashes, so it's useless to practice any cool combos , but instead basic 1 or 2 combo slashes.
-0.5267 I always listen to "Stuff you should know" while cleaning the cat toilet and scrubbing their puke and snot from the floor.
-0.4515 What are you doing?* *Why are you bothering me?
-0.4019 Damn, and still nothing happened...
-0.3875 Didn't care anyway.
-0.2732 Now I'm warned.
-0.2584 When you don't have enough motivation to keep on drawing, what do you normally do in order to get back to it?
-0.1027 I'm legitimately scared that something like that hits me too.
0.0 When I was looking up examples, demonstrated by professionals, most of them didn't show the exact same exercises, but there was a lot of variation.
0.0 So I tried to make a set so that you stretch all or at least most of the tendons and muscles in your hands and wrists.
0.0 " ^^)