/u/mikeygotthejuice is kind of a dick.

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0.8201 I know this sounds pedantic, but it'd be nice if I could upvote or downvote a comment without having to tap it first. Good job on this last update.
0.7506 Swipe to go back is great, but it would be even better if swipe to go forward was added.
0.7163 The only way to make America great again is to get rid of the gays, Muslims, Mexicans, and godforsaken thugs!!!
0.7003 They look good, and they work sound good imo.
0.6705 I'm pretty sure this was a thing in alien blue.
0.6597 I hope your ready to sell your iPhone to get healthcare
0.6369 That's the "religion of love" in action for you
0.6369 Especially in regards to the all-too-common religious freedom issues.
0.6369 It's definitely not night and day like some people are implying.
0.5197 Christians can't lie or cheat!!!
0.4939 It's a pretty simple concept.

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-0.8951 You obviously wanted to be raped, otherwise your body would've shut down! Whore!!
-0.836 This shit happened to me twice at the character select screen before the match even started and I still got banned and lost SR.
-0.7615 I've lost a total of 100 SR from this shit.
-0.7269 Am I the only one that's sick of CEOs firing hard working employees then walking away with millions?
-0.6908 Is this the legitimate rape that conservatives are referring to?
-0.6908 Not unlike how it was "God's Plan" for George Zimmerman to kill Trayvon Martin...
-0.6652 Oh, so a debate with Bernie is inappropriate, but referencing your dick size on national TV isn't?
-0.6486 I guess I didn't notice, but it makes sense since they removed the tap anywhere to collapse comment
-0.6478 The Clinton campaign is too stupid to address issues like this directly and would rather try to hide the truth and make Hillary appear even more dishonest.
-0.6249 On r/worldnews, I found the complete opposite, especially regarding the Syrian refugee crisis.
-0.6093 This must be an attack by the gays!!!