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0.9601 It was actually almost identical but I was running with a friend this year that I chose to stick with so it was a nice easy pace for me which I was happy with.
0.9313 I've hit a bit of a plateau this past month but after moving to Colorado I'm ready to get outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery while getting in shape.
0.9001 Thank you for a good laugh :)
0.8834 I'd love an update if you find anything out or, hopefully, if she is feeling better.
0.874 But they just look so cute and tiny after the cut I love it :)
0.8689 The challenge is great motivation not to skip any days :)
0.861 On a more positive note I personally have lived in two different apartments over the past two years with our Dane so it can certainly be done :)
0.8591 Mine also loves her toys and likes to use them as pillows :)
0.8481 http://imgur.com/88dl8Jk What a beautiful bunch of pups; be sure to post more pictures when you bring him home :)
0.836 But I love [Penny] more than anything and even a short walk is better than no walk :)
0.8356 Just had to comment because our challenge stats are nearly identical :) Also 2lbs lost is awesome, sounds like you ended the week on a high note!

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-0.5794 I wish I had more helpful advice but unfortunately I was only able to overcome my eating disorder with an intensive rehab program.
-0.4924 We also got a bit of cold weather so poor penny has to wear her sweater on top of everything she's already been through .
-0.4585 He also probably wanted to make me stop complaining about every nail polish that wasn't the perfect shade haha
-0.4215 Unfortunately I learned the hard way that you have to rub it to release the color and that color is quite a few shades too dark/orange for me.
-0.4019 I ended up going with Alfred Angelo because I was having trouble finding the color I wanted elsewhere.
-0.3713 http://imgur.com/a/e8XY4 I got this tonight from the store, the link on the back is currently not very helpful though .
-0.3527 I have reason to question him in times like this...but I won't haha :)
-0.3164 Haha no worries!
-0.296 I had no idea she was going to change so much.
-0.296 Our dane has leash aggression and we have been working with a trainer ever since.
-0.2732 Our Shih-Tzu is the worst beggar out of any dog I've had I think haha
-0.2558 I currently use Cerave and have this problem as well.