/u/michaelb65 is kind of a dick.

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0.9371 A good smile still relies on facial symmetry and bone structure as well as having straight, non-fucked up teeth. People love to front about attractiveness not being key, because it absolutely is.
0.7712 He alienated a large part of his fanbase, so yes, I'd call that bravery.
0.7269 Friendly reminder that The_Nazi is the biggest safe space on the internet.
0.6908 Like I said, they need a computer for that type of bravery.
0.6808 Redditors who constantly bring up a person's BMI when they look normal are just enforcing their own beauty ideals on the rest of us.
0.6705 Feel free to share this slim thicky's IG
0.6597 Like I said, their white identity is a safe space.
0.6486 Try to wink and smile at an attractive woman when you're ugly and watch how it differs from a dude who's handsome.
0.6369 Trashy content aside, this is why I love 'em thick .
0.6369 I've got 100 bucks saying that they love black music and claim to be feminists.
0.5994 Honestly, some of the content that gets called phat in this sub is straight up [embarrassing].

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-0.9587 TIL white people speak on behalf of native Americans. Sorry to offend, but you're family member is racist and he's lying through his teeth to justify his bullshit.
-0.9118 Always wanted to punch one of these pasty ass Nazi-symphatizers in the face, but they know how to act and are way too cowardly to call you a nigger when you're in their vicinity.
-0.8591 Reverse now too since all the beckies wanna look light skin now. Shit is mad annoying.
-0.8074 Man, I hate that shit.
-0.7943 You're part of the group that opposes PC culture and censorship, so quit your bullshit about "other political subs doing the same" Hypocritical snowflakes
-0.7906 Then when you complain about the unfair treatment you've gotten, he'll tell you that the crime he committed happened years ago and that you should get over it.
-0.7783 That's going to translate into a lot of pent-up frustration and fury. I could even empathize with these people if they weren't so fucking toxic.
-0.7717 So just your typical racist alt-right nonsense.
-0.7717 Every time a racist alt-righter cries about PC culture and SJWs, you know it's just projection, as evidenced by Trump's reaction.
-0.7311 Oh, they give a shit, but only in the deceitful "keep them separated" kind of way.
-0.7003 It's literally impossible to have ass without thick thighs unless we're talking about odd looking fix-a-flats. And her thighs aren't even that big.
-0.6919 You mean surveillance to the extend that it violates everyone's privacy yet they can't stop mass slaughterings? Nah nigga, this shit is just authoritarianism.