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0.9184 It's a fun language learning app on Android and iPhones, it's nice for when i'm bored at home and on the road, I feel like i'm doing something good for myself, plus it's free!
0.9098 I've been meaning to, I keep hearing how good it is, and getting recommendations from fellow Trolls is the best because I know it's going to be great!
0.8943 A wonderful, wise friend once told me, "they're not paying you, so why would you let them rent space in your head?" If that doesn't help, I get my Diablo 3 on :)
0.875 Plus, his last name is super easy to spell, and I don't get any more botched pronunciations - on the other hand, it's a more common last name, so now i get other people's emails ALL THE TIME.
0.8622 This was the best tip I got from my recruiter and I got a great gig because of it!
0.8591 PI dose modified because he wanted to make sure the patient tolerated the dose and acted in their best interest- deviation.
0.8555 I also love Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore.
0.8462 I use music mostly, but Ze Frank's [Chillout Song] has helped me through some rough times, it's a pretty good mantra.
0.8356 Bonus, it has Simon Pegg, who is all-around awesome!
0.8221 If you like good storytelling, The Moth Radio Hour is really good too!
0.8172 I was happy to find smile.amazon.com though, they will give a portion of your amazon purchase to a charity of your choice!

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-0.8516 Plus, we have to pay to dispose of everything here, so if we got saddled with someone else's crap, there would be hell to pay!
-0.7351 Also reading A Short History, the bit about Pluto made me sad for that reason, poor little downgraded dwarf planet.
-0.5945 That was how I realized I really had my shit together.
-0.5256 It's kind of sad because I didn't notice it for quite a while and I don't really have a lot to put down there.
-0.4389 Holy crap, you rocked it!
-0.3802 As a fellow worrier, I hear you, I tend to dwell on things way too much!
-0.3612 I had mistaken baking soda for baking powder...worst biscuits ever.
-0.34 Just started Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman.
-0.296 Lol, I would, but I don't speak the local language unfortunately.
-0.296 I got over it after I assumed the work of one of my "colleagues" and realized they had no fucking clue what they were doing, and I had tons of fires to put out.
-0.2732 I think every falls victim to this at some point.
-0.2578 Oh man, and I thought I had it rough, I'm so sorry!