/u/mhtfc is kind of a dick.

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0.8481 u just posted like 3 mousasi links, u dont like mousasi, ur in love with mousasi.
0.8445 someone who got a little stronger from steroid use, or someone who went from not being able to walk at all to being in super good shape?
0.7717 if they were smart, they would just open a binny museum, and charge people like 1 dollar to get in and see the binnies, if they like one, they can buy one.
0.7269 After 6 long years of high school, i finally got my general education degree woo hooo :)
0.7184 send him to a pedophile, if he wins that fight, he is going to be champion
0.6808 yes, basically, is that a good thing or not?
0.6808 pride, power, happyness, laughter.
0.6705 thank you, I will try that :)
0.6486 But obviously its ok, because he is mexican, he is just proud of his heritage.
0.6369 sweden is at least 17 times better than dirty czecoslovakia, we are the best.
0.5994 your first abortion congratulations.

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-0.9153 its because ur a fat bitch, no one looks ur ugly fat ass
-0.9087 hum, no that is not true, drugs are just bad, and evil.
-0.8872 ur a faggot, there is nothing wrong with that, just eat a dick nigger.
-0.8707 i will fucking rape ur asshole so much, ur shit will be dripping the second u eat something.
-0.8688 point fighting is gay, if ur punching is so weak that ur opponent doesnt look hardly bothered by it, u lose the fight.
-0.8555 it was, u dickhead, jeeze read between the lines, mother fucker
-0.8318 maybe my english skills aint as good, but u are a faggot, if the u dont understand that "u" means "you".
-0.8316 this nigger got knocked the fuck out
-0.8252 hahahahhaahaha, bro, ur so stupid, i just pay the guy 2 extra dollars, he doesnt care if ur underage
-0.802 haaa haaaa, op is a dirty nigger.
-0.7845 shitttt, that is crazy, getting life sentences for just 1 murder when u are 13.
-0.7717 yes, I do, he killed 2 older bitches.