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0.9612 Yeah it was weird but it gave me the best laugh of 2016 :D
0.9519 This will definitely make your holidays :D also a huge respect for u/likhatjev for his generous giveaway.
0.9517 thanks for the kind words :) I hope you enjoy the game and your holidays ^^
0.944 319 Company of Heroes 2 please! I wish you the best of luck in your exams!
0.9349 Congratulations OP, pretty good choice, I love the Sapphire cards.
0.9289 Favorite memory is locking the butler in Tomb Raider 2 in the Fridge :D It was so hilarious because i was only 7 years old back then and new t gaming. 1189 thanks!
0.9153 Merry Christmas and Happy holidays :)
0.9042 Happy holidays and I hope you don't get performance issues :)
0.9008 WOW That's actually pretty impressive.
0.891 Congratulation, you won :) I'll PM you now
0.8834 There are many awesome ones but I'd choose our GOD u/MischievousCandy :)

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-0.9231 It has the best kill ever where he possesses 2 guards and let them both puke at the dead tallboy at the same time then kills them by 2 incendiary arrows falling from the sky.
-0.8755 I know dishonored 2 has performance issues, but it's shocking to see a game that got so much hate on the internet to beat it.
-0.7003 I'd wish to get a freesync for my 390, but it's really expensive in my country where they impose atrociously high custom taxes :(
-0.6124 I don't think so, hairworks in the witcher 3 murders performance even on nvidia cards.
-0.6115 But the game has been released a couple of months ago and for me, I noticed more hate after release than hype before release on all social media.
-0.5423 It's horrible.
-0.4989 That's totally insane; it's like an rx 480 beating a gtx 1080.
-0.4308 But prepare yourself for a very sad and heartbreaking yet awesome arc!
-0.4019 The whole engine is the problem, and obviously they're not going to change that.
-0.3818 I disagree, because I'm someone who can't afford a new gpu every year.
-0.3612 Even if they release more patches in the future I doubt they'll sufficiently fix it.
-0.34 Some people argue that they intentionally nerf previous gen cards to make people upgrade.