/u/metalohe is very positive!

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0.9539 You really seem like a level-headed and an awesome guy :D I think we would get along if we knew each other. You'll find a great girl at some point for sure.
0.8581 :) I'm a big fan of asian writing so it fit me very well.
0.8555 :) I pretty amazed at myself right now.
0.8442 :3 Glad you liked it.
0.8439 I will thank myself forever for purchasing those stickers as one of them made me receive such an amazing thank you post!
0.802 I'd also love one :) Do you need my adress?
0.802 :) Will send some love
0.802 I would love a postcard :)
0.7983 Heh :D You did send a wonderful card back.
0.7841 Yes, i totally loved it.
0.7798 :D thank you!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7003 I cried :'(
-0.5562 I also get pain in my ears when i drink too quickly!
-0.4606 And if it feels weird or you don't like the atmosphere, you can always just leave.
-0.296 No idea whatsoever.
-0.296 I actually don't know the details about that project as it has no influence on me personally.
-0.1511 Couldn't stop smiling.
-0.0772 Sorry, /u/PureLifeFruitPunch asked first.
0.0 You can google "More than two" for example.
0.0 Wouldn't have thought.
0.0 u/cvetkathecow
0.0 Also thought this happened to everybody..
0.0 I had smoked for 7-8 years and now i am 21.