/u/mentaiko_nigga is kind of a dick.

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0.7096 Finally these long warring factions come together. Brings a tear to a nigga's eye God bless chall, god bless
0.6908 If only there was some way of contacting them...a type of device that one could use to "call" another person. We live in a remarkable world, perhaps one day technology will create such a device.
0.6369 The best place for traditional Nagoya tebasaki is a small, cozy, out of the way place called
0.5994 Lmfao this nigga low key asking bout my job like a groupie
0.5719 ^^^ why the Republicans won the election
0.5574 This is -0 creepy...this sub is a joke. People get spooked way too easily.
0.5267 He dresses like this daily...not joking
0.5106 Run that vodka through a Brita pitcher 2 times, trust me
0.4767 Nobody fronted my nigga... I swear on Strong Zero...
0.4588 My question is, since we all work in Japan, what makes you think anybody cares about about what you have to say?
0.4404 This question is better suited to be asked to your Junior High students.

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-0.9493 I'm the black man in this so I get to decide if it's racist or not. Court rules in judgment of JCJ, not racist at all. Racism isn't real it's just some shit mahfuckers use to get retweets.
-0.8804 Bruh no doubt. She the epitome of the girl who sat next to you in class, but I wanna cut that so bad.
-0.8779 Baaaaaaahahahahahah Damn this Trump shit brought out the bitch in everybody.
-0.872 First do what this nigga said, then proceed to fuck fine dumb white bitches by the truckload for a year or so, give or take...
-0.8588 Hell yea cuh, Aooni's my shit!
-0.8176 Ol racist ass whiskey
-0.7352 Oh Turbo, why so serious? And how you gonna respond to allegations of racism by calling a black man a "piece of shit"?
-0.7096 Hell yea this nigga a phony. You just got exposed bruh.
-0.6908 It's either take your cat and stress that nigga out or leave it at home and stress that nigga out. Better to stress it out with you than without you.
-0.6808 Always gotta be a wet blanket. This the type of motherfucker to tell your boss if you come in late cuz of the train.
-0.6705 A lot of pussies crying yesterday. Sports fans know how to take an L. Personally, as a black man, I think Trump is a badass. Y'all complaining are hoes.
-0.6124 Just what a racist would say