/u/melkean is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9217 Ohhhh sweet, enjoy your self love girl , those lucky fingers
0.9081 Wow that's such a beautiful body and curves perfect
0.908 Ohhh sexy as girl love to make your lazy fun more interesting
0.9076 Wow so beautifully delicious looking, hard to choose between the two
0.901 And I love that view, so sweet, wish could be there in person
0.8979 Ohhhh sexy , awesome pose on a sexy bod
0.8915 Ohhh sweet pussy, am so ready play myself, wish we could be together
0.8807 Ohhh sweet honey, how lovely and pleasurable that would be
0.8779 Ohhh sweetie and the first piclove that intense pleasure on your face, hope you swallow
0.8718 Absolutely yes, and you'll definitely love it
0.8625 Mmm awesome pretty huge

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5423 ATM that ass and positions got me drooling
-0.5204 Ohhhh is it irritating??
-0.5106 Ohhh total dick hardner
-0.3716 Agree with you girl, as much as I want to do those, I feel guilty and bit dirty but damn right a huge turn on
-0.3182 Probably tease us and have a self release session , and then get to study, show us the pics though
-0.2359 Hard and rough???
-0.1761 Ohhh yesss, am mostly horny, looking at your pics getting really hard
-0.1027 Ohhh I will grab you hard and rough
-0.1027 Seriously whatever you'd want, they're so puffy and red yummm
0.0 Ohhhh is that scotch
0.0 Ohhhh myso all the way in???
0.0 Ohhhh niceeeee