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0.9287 That was autstanding :) thanks for the best reddit laugh of my week.
0.9175 Fair enough, ya it's definitely not going viral or anything, clearly there wasn't an awaiting demand for the info, so yeah, perhaps a different subject matter might be better in the future.
0.9062 thanks /u/RustyRook i appreciated the alert there, and yes this exact project is what I would commit my life to given the right lottery ticket etc.
0.9042 Definitely not something any algorithm could have guessed i would have liked, but yet somehow, it got through, and I enjoyed something outside of my normal viewing interest areas, categories, etc.
0.8957 thank you for a good laugh right here lol.
0.8934 Thanks for the shout out :) I'm a mod of /r/changemyview and you better believe we're thrilled to be part of the larger conversation in this area.
0.8927 Like anything that's not a rare and comes in as "_hpD" is just useless, and deleting it is a very easy to automate task, and I'd love to have more actual fun in the game, rather than the busywork.
0.8908 Thanks for all the advice, very well taken and appreciated :)
0.8801 Fantastic ad :) very much enjoyed.
0.8689 Happy Easter, friends :)
0.8519 best, hp, attack, defense, best So my pokemon in storage look like this: http://imgur.com/a/8W5Eh So, more than half my pokemon time is spent: 1.

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-0.8519 I had to do that a few times to get it right, but hey, a broken mirror's a broken mirror, right?
-0.5719 I've been tying to fix this for month and it's a tough maddening.
-0.5423 Turns out you're right on this, my bad folks, I'll read closer next time.
-0.4877 It's just a matter of making the environment itself utterly inhospitable to deceit.
-0.4404 no, seriously.
-0.34 One day i'm experimenting with our sightdeck technology, or working on set, the next day im clearing hallways for a fire inspection.
-0.2808 [Original "Friday the 13th: HARD MODE" post from 2012]
-0.2023 Oh, and the empty hole in the center of CAA building?
-0.1901 a far more primitive expression but cutting across other topic areas.
-0.1027 Yeah, in terms of battles, the arenas on santa monica pier are more likely to glitch on victory than anything.
-0.0162 https://www.reddit.com/r/YouShouldKnow/comments/izome/ysk_you_can_pretty_much_never_have_all_three/ also, i'm not really super solidly behind these diagrams, more just kind of for fun.
0.0 What kind of knot do you use?