/u/megan23247 is very positive!

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0.9359 So far I love them and they actually are helping me but I agree I will prob upgrade to some diff/slightly better ones after I improve a bit.
0.92 Sound like a very smart "kid"....I have a feeling you will do great things with your life my friend..Good luck to you.
0.8874 Lmao so true my friend.
0.872 :-) Good Luck to you though buddy...Keep me posted and if I can help in anyway just let me know.
0.8567 LOL How cute and funny
0.8516 Lmao that is an awesome looking cat!
0.8412 She LOVES forhead kisses!
0.8348 She really is the best parent ever...and although my dad wont admit it, he takes good car of the piggy as well.
0.8327 LMAO thats funny!
0.8225 Lol u smoking dat good good I see.
0.8126 I'm glad you shared this and very glad I stumbled upon it.

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-0.8118 So before you call me a piece of shit learn how to read you fucking moron!
-0.636 No problems at all!
-0.4926 I work at Sprint so I do these all day....some days I suck at it and tape is the only thing that will fix it!
-0.4824 When I can find live blood worms or brine shrimp I always get um cause he goes CRAZY over live food, they all do.
-0.4753 Im the redneck but yet your the idiot who can't fucking read....i said it was funny that dumb asses like you are getting so riled up over a fucking picture!
-0.4694 Manchester Orrchestra this song is sad as hell and I LOVE it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOPUNhgLL-A
-0.4588 He has a huge chunk of his neck still missing from the first accident.
-0.4404 Crazy ass cute cat.
-0.4215 Ill ask my Mom what pig is eating an let you know.
-0.3612 How hard was it for you to make your tank "low end brackish?"
-0.34 To be honest I really dont know BUT if I had to guess I would say the problem is something other than the salinity.
-0.3182 If you notice in the pic her legs are crooked now and she has lost her hair..but I tell you, this cat has still got some kick left in her.