/u/mcmattski is very positive!

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0.926 I respect that and I agree, knowing you're appreciated is a great feeling.
0.9186 It seems like the typical/safe guy response, but I honestly do like both equally haha.
0.8805 Awesome, sounds good, thanks!
0.875 Haha, yeah that's why I'm hoping to land one of those sweet rooftop heated igloos if we decide on 230 Fifth.
0.8591 Wow, this just keeps getting better lol.
0.8462 I know they look the same, but there are three different pics of the progression of cuteness lol.
0.8268 Superb work + amazingly impressive response time = gold for /u/Madclapper.
0.8074 This was one of the reporters, Roger, who interviewed us and seemed like he honestly cared and wasn't just gathering info for another story.
0.807 Awesome, thanks!
0.7845 She has always asked me which I like better, blonde or brunette, and I always say I like both.
0.784 Awesome, thank ya!

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-0.8126 So until the official investigation is complete, I hate to see any negative press for any of the businesses involved.
-0.6677 My team is WVU so that part is not so nice lol.
-0.6041 But other than 4 firefighters suffering some bumps/bruises and two residents with minor injuries, there were no major injuries, so that's what matters at the end of the day.
-0.4785 I try not to judge, but I would be very interested to meet the type of person who has that mentality and lack of fucks to give about money.
-0.4019 What's your Discord username so I can add?
-0.34 Ridiculously tedious, I know.
-0.3182 Duke's is unharmed, other than the smoke smell throughout the day and obvious loss of business for several hours.
-0.296 I feel horrible for him, he's had the restaurant for 25-30 years, which is a huge deal to him, it's his life.
-0.2755 And If you don't feel like doing the edit, would you mind sending me the photoshop file?
-0.2411 I am 100% that at least 1594 is deemed unfit and the building is closed, not exactly sure about 1596 .
-0.2263 I'll hold off on the lawsuit.
-0.1477 So I'm sorry I wasn't more specific, doing this for my sister and she sent it after I submitted.