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0.9545 I hope the information can help you make an informed decision. Thanks again for your generosity, and Happy Holidays!
0.9253 A wise lady once said *"not to be a buzzkill, but I would like to warn our users here to use great caution giving their names and addresses to new accounts..."*
0.923 And Maximum Hope is a pretty great track, I liked it a lot!
0.9042 I'm glad you found it useful, feel free to link the post to anyone else you feel might benefit from it.
0.9022 You're welcome, hope you enjoy it :)
0.8955 That is great to hear, I'm glad you're enjoying it!
0.8908 Thank you for your kindness /u/littlebluehouse, I hope you find the right family to gift to!
0.886 Hey zakro_rm, Great request, I have added you on Steam for Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition. I also enjoyed your EDM track :)
0.886 I also understand that not everybody has that luxury , so if I can bring a bit of joy to someone with a small gift, I'm happy to do it.
0.8777 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
0.8555 Happy to help :) The picture came up under '*similar images*' in google image search, I was able to trace it back to the shop from there.

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-0.69 Hey MaxKaneMcLane, I have added you on Steam for Resident Evil 6!
-0.6369 Personally, I would not consider any requests for accounts below that age anyway, no matter how sad the story.
-0.5859 His "confirmed trades" in the first screenshot of both scams link to his known alt usernames.
-0.5719 It also shows us that trying to circumvent a ban doesn't work here. Again, thanks for reminding people to follow the rules or they'll be banned.
-0.4466 The old one doesn't have a built in NFC reader like the new one, so it will not automatically communicate with Amiibos without an adapter.
-0.4404 Christmas is probably one thing you should worry less about.
-0.4019 Somebody must have left a VR game at the insane asylum.
-0.3612 If in doubt, new gifters should check with the mods or experienced gifters for advice.
-0.34 Unfortunately, these have been issues in the past.
-0.296 We used to be able to click [the post flair] to filter posts by Discussion, Offer, Request etc.. This no longer works .
-0.296 Also, I had no idea what a Prezi was before this.
-0.2732 This is a sub of gamers - I guarantee they've heard a lot worse.