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0.9513 I'm perfectly aware that this video had a lot of views because he posted it, but that does not make it right to not link back to the original, that I made and should profit from, like he did =)
0.9154 Wow this one is really really great, thank you !
0.891 We just launched yesterday, but yeah the point of the videos is to get as mush view as possible, to attract professional attention. We need funding =)
0.8648 Thank you, you're very kind =)
0.8581 Thank you that's very kind :)
0.8442 We had the GoPros available through friends, way easier to find than the sony actions cams =)
0.8316 The highest bitrate of the AS30 and AS15 is 16mbps, the hero 3+ tops at 45 in protune with a fast enough SD card ;)
0.8271 We're all French but yes we have to and we did get a clearance from the FAA equivalent . You have to respect certains guidelines such as rope resistance, weight, location and time of the launch
0.802 Oh well that was unexpected, thanks for the gold =)
0.7964 Yes they did, they each have their share, several times a week =)
0.7764 You're very welcome =)

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-0.743 You have to used thin cable to avoid any issues, it "should" just be shredded by the turbines with no big damages. But anywa we coordinated with the FAA to avoir flight corridors
-0.6774 These tigers prefer dead horse meat to alive human meat, so no problem...
-0.5244 81 millions views ! https://www.facebook.com/tyrese/videos/1174492419245019/ Here's my original video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qerL893QDTY It's really pissing me off =/
-0.3975 Thank you! Can't have good results without any passion ^^
-0.3595 Thank you ! The "bad comment has more effect than 100 good ones" effect is weird though =/
-0.296 Hydrogen can be explosive and I have no experience with it so...
-0.2732 I was a victim of this too, Tyrese Gibson reposted my video and got ...
-0.2617 I'll post everything on youtube pretty soon, but it's hard syncing the different videos together as they create new video files every 25 minutes :/
-0.2481 Thanks! I did, no upvote for me =/
-0.2263 I did this project to learn Swift , sorry =/
-0.2144 Ahah funny coincidence but no, he's not
-0.2006 Yeah we're so sorry about that =( It was during our first day and we learnt a few days later about what you told me =/