/u/magillapeebles is very positive!

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37Overall Score
46Positive Score
6Negative Score
47Neutral Score

Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.9451 The best kind, perfect view of beautiful breast
0.9022 Amazing beautiful sexy goddess
0.8442 Love your beautiful curves
0.8402 Gorgeous mi amor
0.8225 Beautiful perfection
0.8225 Beautiful lips and delicious body
0.8225 Perfect shot of beautiful pussy lips.
0.8176 Amazing view of a perfect pussy
0.8176 Perfection wow
0.8126 Perfect view of a perfect lickable pussy
0.8074 Beautiful sexy body

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5423 Is that ass virgin?
-0.5423 Fuck that tight asshole
-0.4767 Nothing wrong with that
-0.4404 Are you going to get dirty ?
-0.3612 Nothing with you would be lazy
-0.25 She does my cock hard
-0.1531 Your nipples are radars calling my cock to them
-0.1027 Deep and hard, balls deep.
0.0 Gorgous preciosa
0.0 Hottest teacher ever
0.0 Never too many from you
0.0 I call them suckable