/u/machyne is very positive!

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0.9485 Being part of a some sort of small group like that can be good for support, motivation, and social activity/connections. I hope for the best for you, M.
0.8805 I hope you enjoy being and feeling strong!
0.8748 I hope you're feeling better and happier with yourself too!
0.8225 I hope things get better and it becomes easier for you to take control of your life.
0.7964 Your photos look nice and you seem like a nice person.
0.7717 I don't think they'd be worth it unless they fit me and I enjoyed wearing them.
0.7644 I'm glad you're having fun!
0.7351 It is pretty cute.
0.7269 I hope you enjoy your new apartment.
0.7177 Thanks for sharing!
0.7096 I thought I'd suggest that because you protect your identity and I thought it'd be a fun way of doing so.

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-0.6486 Is the other girl in the first image dead?
-0.5423 Is it a "bad end" scenario if he's unable to have sex with another character by the end of the game?
-0.4215 That sounds lame.
-0.4019 FE is woefully lacking in yaoi art and there's so much potential for it.
-0.3818 Do you normally dislike yaoi?
-0.25 What's the context of the final group of images with the main character masturbating alone?
-0.25 I'm unsure if you're referring to the pairing itself or the fact it's yaoi.
-0.128 They sound tough.
-0.1027 I'm also having a hard time seeing Orsic.
-0.0772 Sorry to hear you've had such a rough year.
-0.0772 That must be some serious precum going on down there since text says they haven't yet ejaculated that day.
-0.0711 I haven't been enjoying what I've read so far and I'm probably not going to continue. Which of the other series would you recommend if I wanted something more vanilla and less bara?