/u/mabelpined is very positive!

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0.9652 your hair is so fantastic and i love love love your matching eyebrows!
0.9402 you look like a wonderful friend as well as very beautiful
0.9211 You also seem really happy, which is always good!!! You're doing great!
0.9094 you are so lovely and have such a kind and pretty face.
0.9052 VERY well, and I love your outfits :) I would've guessed cis.
0.8922 John does a reading from an earlier chapter but I hadn't read it and I had a great time :)
0.8772 i hope you had fun and met cute people!!!
0.872 Wow, that sub is actually blowing my mind turns out I need to be taking much better care of my hair then I currently am.
0.862 I'm so proud of you and I'm sure you're gonna be fantastic!
0.8591 Sex with trans women is awesome but still different from sex with cis women, even if she's had GRS . You seem like a nice guy, posting here and everything.
0.8396 forgetting a day won't ruin everything, I've missed more than a few but the first couple weeks after surgery are super important and you should really try to stay on schedule.

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-0.8176 goddamn liver cancer.
-0.8074 A lot of trans girls have been hurt by cis dudes assuming things about them or getting disgusted by them, it's a tough dating world out there for ALL trans folk.
-0.6597 alas i am right handed but my phone flips the image :(
-0.6476 omg no worries!
-0.5983 I was actually destroying my hair until I found this sub!
-0.5423 Even if YOU call everyone 'dude' or something similar, for trans women, those words can do unintentional harm.
-0.5096 I can't imagine how great you'll look with HRT.
-0.4767 here's some broken bottles and rotting wooden stairs...
-0.4574 I was having a ton of trouble figuring out who was in need of advice in these photos!
-0.34 Anytime an older family member would misgender me, they would be all over correcting the mistake.
-0.296 Our transitions have actually been weirdly simultaneous, both starting HRT within two weeks of each other.
-0.2924 Don't treat her like a paper doll, but have it in the back of your mind.