/u/ltgmcs is very positive!

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0.9571 Everything about that pic - your short hair, the scarf, the hand on your hip, your lovely eyes looking directly at the viewer - exudes a wonderful confidence and beauty inside and out.
0.9081 Wow wow wow.
0.9061 Wow, you're gorgeous and so confident .
0.9001 She's beautiful and to see how happy she is about it is fantastically sexy.
0.8942 You are so sexy and part of it is because you look like you're having so much fun!
0.8834 My theory is that a woman has to be pretty confident she's naturally beautiful to chop all her hair off.
0.8689 Cool nose ring, great eyebrows, sexy haircut.
0.8516 You're beautiful and that's a great dress!
0.8479 You're quite gorgeous and you have beautiful eyes.
0.8428 Wow, that is a haircut that really accentuates your gorgeous features.
0.8356 Sexy gym nurse, you are the best!

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-0.8045 It's too bad you're not happy with them, but there are many many men out there who would be very very happy with them.
-0.6851 Great vid but I'm not sure who wanted him to shut the fuck up more, me or the girl.
-0.6486 I'm in DC- I've broken through with a couple of the agencies but a couple still ignore me.
-0.5423 Your ass is a 10/10.
-0.4019 I have nextdoor muted on my Facebook because it gets annoying I can't find it on there - I have surrounding neighborhoods turned on, too.
-0.296 No, you should not keep her, you should let her follow me home next.
-0.2732 How did *you* feel with the shorter cut?
-0.2732 Can you send a link or cut and paste the post?
-0.2411 Wait - I'm not sure.
-0.2183 My head would swivel so hard if I saw you on the street.
0.0 merb.cc has all the answers you need.
0.0 Read through the forum before asking questions there.