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0.8779 Now they live together with a lot of love and snuggles. Good luck.
0.8519 Congrats and good luck to you.
0.802 Ask your close friends and friends in relationships if they know someone that may match your personality or interests and see if you can get an introduction.
0.782 Who takes care of set up and clean up? Are there extra fees for bartenders? Is it extra to have a rehearsal the day before? How much time do you have prior to decorate? Bridal suite?
0.765 Also an interesting way to learn what dog breeds would suit you as a future owner and the opportunity to meet new people as well.
0.7345 Good luck with the choosing and let us know what you both decide on!
0.7263 My significant other is always asking why I want a dog so much and I think this sums it up beautifully!
0.7244 The Black Tapes, Ars Paradoxica, Tanis, Limetown, Alice isn't dead, Darkest Night
0.7177 Yeah I think the plan will be to get the marriage license here at home before we go just to have a peace of mind!
0.7128 For pants, all of my jeans are from American Eagle and I just get the super skinny jeggings because they are the only ones I have been able to find that are not crazy long.
0.7096 It's from the store Aritzia and while the prices are high it is a warm jacket and fits well on the sleeves and is a good length.

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-0.5106 I feel your pain.
-0.4404 All of the paperwork and legality issues are one worry I have about marrying abroad so I have a lot of research to get done.
-0.4404 I'm 4'8" and shopping is always painful because nothing fits.
-0.3089 Some advice - delete or put away any pictures you took of him so that does not trigger special memories or moments together.
-0.296 No, just face lotion then the makeup.
-0.1531 Maybe trust your gut feeling of having doubts and either cut him off or slowly drop him.
0.0 We have one for our Luna - [@kissesfromluna]
0.0 Things are getting too spicy for the pepper!
0.0 May I ask how much?
0.0 Is there a day of coordinator?
0.0 Groom suite?
0.0 How long can you use them? Food/beverage minimum?