/u/lordfuckwad is a total dick!

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0.8188 But if you don't want NEGATIVE criticism, then you came here to be comforted.
0.7717 Sexy girls in bathing suits walking around, it's hot outside, everyone is splashing water and some women even have their tops off.
0.6486 Lol he has abs that means he's fit hurr _
0.5777 The allmighty Allah has made life so enjoyable for young women.
0.5719 So tell him that he's fucked and hope that he is strong enough to improve himself.
0.507 Then he goes home and hates people because he acts with too much confidence and no one likes him. We don't want him to stay like this, right?
0.5023 I mean, we can't see his body, but He looks like a guy.
0.4824 M8 I fukn virgen Mary and I maded jeebus
0.4588 Lose the weight, and not some fucking magic berry diet you find in the cosmopolitan, but a good routine from people who know what they do.
0.4404 You could improve to 6.5 or more.
0.4404 Hope that your face fixes itself.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9381 Looking back, I deserved to be bullied because I was a fucking faggot. Then I changed myself in order to NOT be such a faggot, and then everything was all right.
-0.8936 I called her ugly. She did not like being called ugly on /r/amiugly I got banned for being mean.
-0.8788 Fight the fuck back, don't just roll over. I advise that he doesn't kill himself though, but being the waste of oxygen he is I think it wouldn't be half as bad.
-0.8729 Until I realized I should stop being a little cunt a fight the fuck back. Fixed my looks.
-0.8641 Probably couldn't swim because bathing clothes are too revealing. I mean seriously, this shit is retarded.
-0.8625 Going to a subreddit that says "truthful opinions" and expecting sugar coated shit is a bad idea. I was suicidal.
-0.8122 So, a retard got an app called SpaceEffects or something , took a picture of his cat and added a bunch of retarded lights and swirls. A monkey could do what he did in a minute.
-0.7919 They punched me, kicked me, fucked up my Facebook, they humiliated me and did things I don't want to talk about.
-0.7884 People who fail as hard as you really are just a waste of oxygen.
-0.7783 It pisses me off. I mean seriously, how retarded are you?
-0.743 No wonder you got bullied, bro.