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0.8718 Fidget spinners, Rick and Morty, really like most of the shit you guys shit on because you have a knee-jerk negative reaction to anything that's popular.
0.836 Girls are attracted to attractive and confident man. More news at 11 Take this trash back where it belongs: /r/incels and /r/hapas
0.836 Be happy about who you are and strive to be the best version of yourself.
0.7845 This is in a manufactured home park. About 4 miles from campus, nice quiet neighborhood, 1 mile from great mall transit center.
0.7739 I love JP, he's able to articulate a lot of the stuff we already know with some science behind it.
0.743 Fluoride is generally not the issue, that's a meme, and like you said, it's amazing for your teeth.
0.7003 I've lived here ~3 years, only moving out because I'm moving into a house with friends. Move in date is August 1st. PM me if interested.
0.6908 Lmao you need to screen people's political opinions before you have casual sex with them?
0.6369 When they made the finals in 2007 their second best player was Mo Williams.
0.6154 He always has the same face, like he's trying real hard to not take a shit.
0.5725 Don't apologize for being a man, men are the shit.

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-0.886 90% of the products you consume come from companies that have done and currently do far worse than pushing retarded lefty shit for a weekend.
-0.8481 You wrote an essay trying to rationalize why you failed a high-school level math test, when the short answer is you were either lazy or a retard, or a combination of the two.
-0.6249 Worst month since 2010, not exactly clickbait
-0.6249 "DAE racism is baaaaaaaad?"
-0.5719 Realized I was wasting my time and energy over-thinking stupid shit , and to put that energy into improving my life instead.
-0.5574 Similar experience, took shrooms and basically decided to quit weed and psychadelics cold turkey to fix my shit afterwards.
-0.5574 It's time to get young, diverse people into office not the same white conservative male crap that keeps ruining our country. The cop that shot him was Hispanic
-0.5574 When people say "small artists" they are probably talking about indie bandcamp shit.
-0.5423 Epic fail blizzard
-0.5267 You're a retard
-0.4767 Stop derailing conversations with your incessant need to virtual signal like a retard.
-0.4767 Are they wrong tho?