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0.9313 Wow I remember that one on cedar that was awesome wp :) Any chance I could get the song?
0.8978 I've heard of all these players but never seen them play competitively so this would be awesome. I don't know if you're joking but this would be fun to watch I think.
0.8481 Have fun with the montage and thanks man :)
0.824 Please. Please do :D
0.8206 I bought it over a year ago and am stuck in the contract for a year but it auto renews every year so luckily I think I am fine with my data unless I change plan.
0.802 I love your montages :)
0.7841 Are there anymore songs like this with the beat removed cause I really enjoyed it. Which ones do you recommended?
0.7804 It could bring about a new push from fans and supporters of Gary Coleman which could SAVE THE GAME.
0.7783 Nice jukess wp :)
0.7717 Happy birthday ballko :)
0.5859 Phew okay that's good

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-0.6249 Oh no Kry why :(
-0.5719 The sun Do you think I'm retarded?
-0.4902 Imp don't be so mean :(
-0.3818 Mind Pls :(
-0.3412 But can it not be bright even if it doesn't emit light?
-0.3182 You lost me at "ok"
-0.296 Stop trying to coin that phrase.
-0.296 Yeah well my dad killed me cause I stubbed my toe on his door. Beat that.
-0.296 What's so obvious about it? I am legitimately wondering, I have no experience in this.
-0.2023 My whole reputation of being the best d in my England is ruined :(
-0.1419 https://www.reddit.com/r/TagPro/comments/3cfq6v/userscript_little_helper_to_show_bomb_guides_ball/ This script shows current velocity but according to the wiki it's not legal for league players.
-0.1406 TBH I think a lot of the recent posts have been low quality but this one brings the standard right back up.