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0.8481 Awesome giveway, lots of great games in there.
0.7964 Just like climate change would increase the chance of hotter days in most places, an end to world hunger would increase the chance that any given person had lunch today.
0.7783 It's just in their best interest to pretend that $7.25/hour is enough to live a fulfilling life on.
0.7715 If you're at a point where you can't afford to pay $30 for water at a festival, you can't afford to go to that festival.
0.7269 And improve mental health care, possibly work on reducing the stigma around it.
0.7184 The difference is that we aren't expecting hackers to look out for us, keep us safe, and respect our privacy.
0.6652 I was trying to be unbiased, as I don't think any of them have been charged, but yeah we've certainly got a few kiddie fiddlers in our government.
0.6597 Because to me, the bombing of another country without their goahead sounds like a pretty serious no-no in international relations.
0.6486 It holds up pretty well I'd say.
0.6369 There was a case where someone bought their freedom with a GTX970.
0.5719 Please show me individuals who are asking that certain groups be banned and are also saying that Reddit should be a place for free speech.

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-0.9403 Yes, the worst part really is that the brutal rapist, torturer and decapitator is still out there.
-0.9217 You know what's worse than one horrific murder?
-0.9136 2% would be 6 million terrorists, violent criminals and pedophiles in the USA.
-0.8919 They do 1 damage to all they affect, so you get credited with a kill assist if you hit someone with one and they then get killed.
-0.8646 Is it really that much worse than a drunk, possibly mentally unstable civilian with a gun?
-0.8617 So looking suspicious and disobeying commands is now punishable by death?
-0.8559 If anything, at least "violent" felonies don't include things like election fraud and bribery, where it might actually make sense to keep them from voting.
-0.8519 Gerrymandering aside, that sounds a hell of a lot like that "taxation without representation" thing you guys fought a revolutionary war over a couple of hundred years ago.
-0.8402 I'm not suggesting that we punish people for whom it can't be proven that they were raped.
-0.836 I'm surprised nobody has died as a result of this, and I would be disappointed if nobody has been arrested for it.
-0.7851 12 years for raping children compared to 21 years for planning on selling a plant the government doesn't like?
-0.7849 But when it can be proven that they were lying, they shouldn't be protected from the legal repercussions just because what they lied about is a sensitive issue.