/u/lelebuonerba is very positive!

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0.9538 I love how you love how he loves that they love how he claps his hands.
0.8807 yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
0.8534 chocolate spread is great but the right temperature to consume it is a bit warm for my taste, also they're often very sweet. it gourmet shittyfoodporn a thing?
0.8221 They recently came out with their second album, some of the tracks there are pretty great!
0.8118 Very impressed with the Japanese stuff and happy to see some Vulfpeck in there too!
0.8074 It would be pretty great.
0.8033 Dear /u/Orenseg, your comment was definitely not Shit Scheisse Merde
0.8016 love this! why the "a black mirror special" line, though?
0.7964 Now I must say that Painting With doesn't appear to be as masterfully crafted as Merriweather Post Pavillion or Feels, but I still feel like it's a good record.
0.7959 I have such fond memories of staying up late at night to continue reading that series, I loved it as a kid!
0.7845 Hands down the best daytime party I've ever been to.

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-0.6486 old link is dead, you can see the video [here]
-0.5255 This guy fucks!
-0.4973 We have the capability, but we don't have the interest to do so.
-0.4019 Post title said that was the first time in 10 years he saw his wife, given his age I don't think he was blind from birth.
-0.3716 If not, definitely check them out!
-0.296 No, people retire to Portugal or Eastern European countries where rent and cost of living are cheap.
-0.1531 I wonder how much the car's stability and overall drivability would have been affected if a fat passenger sat on the engine side with a skinny person driving.
-0.128 Sometimes the net is lowered.
-0.1027 An incredible experience, hard to put down in words.
-0.0258 Of course this doesn't take away from the remarkable fact that he can now see crude, pixelated shapes. Edit: typo
0.0 Here in Italy, it's Bic all over the place.
0.0 Street vendors, tobacco shops, supermarkets...