/u/legman577 is very positive!

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49Positive Score
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Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.8481 You look gorgeous, I love that picture.
0.8481 Gorgeous, I love the tan lines.
0.8455 TGIF, you look great
0.8316 Yes please, you look lovely.
0.8313 Very sexy, you look great.
0.8313 Very sexy, you look great
0.8268 You look gorgeous, very sexy
0.8264 It would be my pleasure, very sexy!
0.7964 Yes, yes and yes.
0.7964 Good evening, I'd love to see.
0.7845 Great picture, you are a lucky man.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5423 Your ass is incredible
0.0 Where do I submit my resume?
0.0 Why aren't you my neighbor?
0.0 You look incredible!
0.0 Something to look forward too.
0.0 You look incredible.
0.0 I look forward to seeing more of you.
0.0 Incredible pictures!
0.0 Bite, lick, taste...yum.
0.0 Not at all.
0.0 You have a Selma Hayek in Dogma look going.
0.0 Your pictures are always incredible!