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0.9316 The groove is perfect but really simple, the shaker that comes in is so nice and has a great sound.
0.9251 Make sure you are layering up your drums, choose the best samples you can find and make them even better :D
0.8943 I like the ideas a lot I think they sound great, for me the arrangement is a little bit boring and needs to move and change a bit more, could you progress the piano melodically or harmonically?
0.8842 Thank you so much, this is amazing :D
0.8805 Track sounds great, the stereo width is really nice and the arrangement has lots of interest.
0.8748 But when you hear dnb on a big system the track where the sub is done well sound really nice, I think your track would be super thin if played on a big rig against other tracks with sub.
0.8737 hello, the drums sound awesome, the mix is really clean and clear.
0.873 Good luck in the comp :D
0.8689 Yes please. 24 bit 44.1kHz is good enough for me. Would be good to get contrasting sounds if possible, short hits, long sustained sounds.
0.8602 Congrats on finishing this album, well done :D
0.8599 Yes, thank you so much! You are a legend :D

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-0.5423 I saw Bad Company at Fabric a week or so ago.
-0.4939 Ms Dynamite) [Original Dirty Mix] - Sticky Decoy - Agent X Sorry - Monsta Boy Has It Come to This?
-0.34 Also inter sample clipping can be avoided with a little bit of room.
-0.296 I have been limiting the amount of plugins I use, hiding or uninstalling the ones that I don't need.
-0.296 Conversion to lossy formats needs a little bit of room.
-0.2732 High and low pitched elements.
-0.2732 What have you got in the track that is filling out the low end?
-0.2732 So if my sample rate was 96k that would make the nyquist frequency 48kHz which would dramatically reduce the risk of aliasing.
-0.2263 Then try adding fx after the verb, subtle chorus, flangers etc. Make sure you low cut the reverb before you blend the signal back in.
-0.2212 The production needs some work, the drums sound a little bit like the wrong genre / style of mix.
-0.128 When working on drums try sending your drums off to a bus and put a transient shaper before a reverb, try cutting off all the transients before it hits the verb.
-0.1065 Normally the sub bass would be the lowest thing in the track going down quite low playing notes like around F or G that generate frequencies at roughly 50 hz.