/u/le_emperor is kind of a dick.

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0.8807 His father was super grateful and the fans cheered when they saw I handed it the kid.
0.8398 Lol good luck!
0.7845 It sounds like you're interested in your little "friend" there more than she is interested in you.
0.7783 You'll feel better and you can buy nice things like the boat I just bought because I work hard.
0.743 Sounds like we have a real winner here.
0.7269 She makes plenty of money she just likes free things.
0.7259 But the kid was elated and couldn't stop staring at it.
0.7184 It's cause it's Reddit an we love intact black families to show how progressive we all are.
0.7096 Learn to write properly and maybe life will treat you kinder.
0.6808 My sister in law lives in a huge house in Yorba Linda and she has had her son on the free meal program for years.
0.6597 I'm my opinion I like this set up much better than trailer stotage.

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-0.8625 This kid couldn't let it go and now some poor guy is dead and he'll be in prison well into his 50's.
-0.8381 Wake the fuck up and stop this waste of life mentality.
-0.8225 The cop would be called racist and the media would have a nonstop shit show over this.
-0.8225 Even convicted murderers can do their time and come out of prison and not be in a national registry or even have to register in any way.
-0.81 This guy is obviously pissed but to want to ruin someone's life over a grope so he won't be able to ever hold a job again?
-0.7918 Fuck off you little pussy bitch.
-0.7783 We have a black violence problem in the US.
-0.7717 Instead of being mad at money why don't you shut the fuck up and go make a little money at a job.
-0.7019 The girl on the right has a phat ASS!!
-0.7003 Is this shit gonna stop soon?
-0.69 Chrissy, he's fucked up!
-0.6808 What a pathetic loser you sound like.