/u/lazyusername1001 is a total dick!

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0.886 If the freedom to not do that has to go both ways, well, good - all the more reason to stamp out tolerance of religion in the next generation.
0.8652 Liking something doesn't give it literary merit and having that pointed out is neither insulting nor an unfair dismissal of all other opinions.
0.765 Just trust us pumpkin, objective art appreciation is a thing.
0.7205 I didn't read beyond "that's still an etc" because it's incorrect and I've spent enough time in this thread explaining to people that not having their shitty taste respected isn't ad hominem.
0.7092 Or both? I'm not going to pretend to respect you enough to reply after an opener like that.
0.6705 My argument, here, is that people who think Twilight has any literary merit are illiterate or, at best, poorly read.
0.6542 I know you think it makes you look dignified and grown up, but really it makes you look like a pre-teen wannabe neckbeard.
0.6433 Not liking me doesn't make me wrong.
0.6249 Oh, okay, so big nearly industrial strength type things.
0.6124 Take your medicine and start reading the shit you comment about.
0.6005 The likes of you will never voluntarily learn your place, so death is the best I can hope happens to you. You don't know me in the slightest.

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-0.9048 If you don't care if you live or die go kill yourself in a way that doesn't affect anyone else.
-0.9042 Fraud is fraud is fraud. The scum here saying this is okay - I hope your loved ones get cancer and their insurance fucks them over.
-0.8994 Your being upset by a statement of fact does not mean I'm "shitting on" *all* different opinions - just your wrong, frankly tragic one. In summary, grow the hell up.
-0.875 Having to waste some of them working to pay for other peoples' problems is abhorrent.
-0.8559 If you're too stupid to take your medicine, cutting off your nose to spite your face because you don't like how I state reality, it doesn't affect my life in the slightest.
-0.8435 It's false. The USA needs to be able to not just win any conceivable war scenario, it needs to win as quickly as possible with the least loss of life possible to its people.
-0.8338 Obeying the letter of a policy but manipulating events can still be legally fraud, and it always is ethically.
-0.7964 Being forced to fund unwanted children is a punishment.
-0.7963 Anyone who makes some poor bastard spend the next 18 years of his life funding a child he didn't want is punishing him. It is by definition a punishment.
-0.7943 The person whose sperm was used being forced to pay for the mother's decision is an entirely artificial consequence, imposed by sexist scumbags, morally wrong and needs to change.
-0.7906 No, your worthless life would be equally meaningless with twenty seconds plus or minus per day.
-0.7269 tl;dr Holy shit I hope you get cancer.