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0.9598 I don't mind what edition i get but good luck all and thanks OP :D
0.923 Would really love the division for pc, thanks OP :) <3
0.9008 Thanks :D i've been waiting, your great man
0.8964 anything , lmao thanks for the giveaway OP :D
0.8961 :D Thanks for the giveaway too, you are very generous!
0.8865 9275 would really love to get overwatch: origins edition EU :P Thank you OP!
0.886 4200 how euphoric, the division would be super cool.
0.8718 would really love a copy of rocket league, thank you op <3
0.8641 I mostly play support but have started to lean towards being a mid now :) i'm currently bronze 2 because i'm a scrub who doesn't play ranked much.
0.8304 I got a code from a friend for ps4 , however ive got a pc code so someone here can have it :D 3F9R-H6?4-M?2J ?
0.8225 would be amazing to win

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-0.7488 Where he falls into Bryce's pool, was this a suicide attempt?
-0.296 As with most origin games the front page will have a count down clock to release, they have featured ones for Battlefront and The Sims.
-0.296 I suspect it will release the late hours of the 25th.
0.0 I originally thought after watching that Tyler shot Alex, but after watching the show again I can see how much Alex has taken his tape to heart, especially in episode 3.
0.0 I've only pre-ordered the console from my local game as its the most convenient place for me.
0.0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzcUbdAeJ-g
0.0 It is a district in the game, one of the four you can explore...
0.0 Tfw they showed it two ago and we still haven't heard a single thing!
0.0 It appears to be a reflection of cat as a child, i never knew why she turned around till now in the second the last cutscene
0.0 I got mine aswell!!
0.0 as you pre-ordered on g2a you don't need to have the window open, you will be emailed to be notified when the code is available on you account if you were signed in.
0.0 you could purchase origin access which would give you a 10% discount on preorders...