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0.8745 I was never exceptionally competitive, but I had a casual mono white lifegain deck I did decently with when playing with friends. Sorry for the long reply, and thank you for your words.
0.8625 It's taken me a while but I'm definitely finally happy to be me.
0.8442 An ambulance has transported me the times I've been. Good luck, and take care.
0.8313 I hope you had a good holiday, too!
0.8016 Yeah I can't imagine having much fun with complex text right now, as it is when I've played a few games with my partner I've been re-reading both our cards constantly due to the memory thing!
0.7982 It's scary to ask for help, but it's really great that you're thinking about it!
0.7717 It might seem silly to some, but I'm sure you can imagine why for safety issues.
0.7644 Happy holidays!
0.7003 As a teen, Magic grew into a good way to get out of the house and relax for me.
0.6597 I'm bummed a kid lost their cards, but thankful that I got them, at least.
0.659 That looks really great, actually.

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-0.8201 I don't know exactly what route you're going, but I've been inpatient through the ER a few times in my life. If you go into the ER, generally you just say "I'm thinking of/planning to kill myself.
-0.4707 Just because you make a mistake once doesn't make it not worth trying again.
-0.4404 I worry about all the little details. You can bring it in with you, though it'll likely be bagged and kept separately from you while in the ER.
-0.4215 I don't know if this works for you, but trying to get out of my own head and empathize with myself instead of engaging in negative self-talk helps me. We all make mistakes.
-0.3595 (Sorry I have no quick fix advice!
-0.34 I'll shoot you a PM.
-0.296 Thank you for stopping by to say that, no sarcasm intended.
-0.1531 I'm sorry to hear that you relapsed, and I'm really sorry you're having such a rough time right now.
-0.128 I've been looking through everything I missed and I sure did miss a lot, quite a bit to catch up on.
-0.1027 Would I tell them the harsh things I tell myself, or would I reach for empathy and reassure them?
-0.0516 :( If you bring any objects they won't let you have, they'll go into a safe and be given to you when you leave.
0.0 I was very, very small.