/u/laffer27 is kind of a dick.

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0.8336 Didn't Avril Lavigne die years ago and the studio covered it up using a friend who looked like her and that's why the music started to sound differently
0.7906 Let it all play out till next Election showing support to Tony and then on the day all switch to Shorten and get labor back in power so we can have better things and faster internet.
0.7717 Lets try and ask that guy 4chan to help us start the shit storm
0.765 Wow this will be big if true.
0.7096 It made joining friends games easier
0.6705 Pretty sure it was Jim
0.6705 Pretty sure he was born in New Zealand
0.6597 Keep ringing the MyGov support desk till you find someone wired into Clink they can access your account and help with any issues.
0.6249 That said $5 bottles of wine from BWS are a great way to drink on a budget if thats your thing.
0.5859 Wow that was the breast use of a selfie stick I've ever seen.
0.5859 Goodweather's lover, Dr.

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-0.8932 I am more shocked at the lack of suicide cages on the top deck, guess it's just the norm now days to have them everywhere high up which is sad.
-0.8555 Ozryel was an archangel of death, one of the three angels that God sent to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for their wickedness.
-0.8271 its not even a ipad in the article fail you faggots
-0.8201 I agree with what he had to say but damn he should have shut the fuck up just for a minute and let the other bloke reply properly.
-0.802 119 Brookes St, Fortitude Valley ask for the po po
-0.7845 fucked wife unprotected once and have 3 kids
-0.7778 how fucking dumb are you cunt?
-0.75 Fuckers have like a $10 minimum and a surcharge for credit cards, wouldn't be so bad if half their menu wasn't under $10, I've already reported them to CBA for excessive charges.
-0.7245 45 minute unboxing your fucking nuts cunt
-0.7003 Following his friend Abraham Setrakian's death, Fet struggles to decipher the Occido Lumen, a tome possibly holding the key to defeating the Master.
-0.7003 It crashed down and split a car into 2 no one died etc etc.
-0.6705 As someone who is no longer going through this I can feel your pain buddy.