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0.9231 At the moment these are in individual baggies but I'll probably look into other options soon :-) When I meet friends to play I always just bring the faction I mean to play.
0.9097 seems like they should be going bleep blop bloop :-) All in all, a really great video with probably my favorite graphics so far!
0.8926 I usually used PTL on him to give him stress but Opportunist looks awesome, I'm waiting for Imp Aces to come back into print :-)
0.891 Never played TOCA 3 , but I agree, having branching choices in a career is great.
0.8832 I actually did very well with Corran Horn, Nera Dantels and Jake Farrell, they all have pretty good maneuverability and hit pretty hard (esp.
0.8679 This looks fun - I run Guri with a few different upgrades, Advanced sensors + PTL is expensive but very fun.
0.8505 I might be missing something, but Kaat'o can only take focus or evade from friendly ships, how was this useful in your squad?
0.8356 That sounds like a fun build, Keyan must hit pretty hard!
0.8341 I've been watching quite a few and it really helps to see how top-level players maneuver their ships, especially if there's good commentary to go along with it and make the games easier to follow.
0.8225 I'd recommend the Team Covenant videos, and VTTV Live is also pretty good.
0.8225 The Pulsed Ray Shield can be pretty useful, kept my Talonbane around for something like three extra turns recently .

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-0.6486 I like it for the career mode, but I hate the AI.
-0.6289 I got rid of it about two years ago, that was a PITA to admin.
-0.5719 Sorry baby but I had to crash that Honda.
-0.5574 Damn, that is pretty brutal.
-0.5423 Fuck scanners.
-0.5423 But fuck printers more.
-0.5393 I've never had much luck with the Quadjumper, seems to die before doing anything useful.
-0.52 Depends on the bombs - Genius doesn't help Sixxa with the bomblet generator since he'd bomb himself as well.
-0.4767 Poor Zuckuss, always left out...
-0.4767 From what I understand, bombs also don't count as an attack?
-0.4478 Actually, I'd have to check, he might get far enough away if he boosted afterwards but I kind of doubt it...
-0.4404 I had K4 Sec droid, Overclocked R4 and the title on Dengar and had quite a few modified range 1 attacks with 4 hits...