/u/kratomwd is a total dick!

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0.8122 I have a large penis , and I'm quite confident you could easily fit an object larger than any recorded penis size through almost all flaps and zippers
0.7865 They're ALRIGHT at best.
0.7783 There are a great meany stories on here where true OP is actually a truly awful person that more than deserved whatever thing they're trying to enact "revenge" for.
0.7579 Nobody loves you and everything you believe in is t true
0.7096 It's not something everyone can do, but it's a pretty standard demonstration for martial arts practitioners
0.6808 If you don't understand how having your life threatened and having your government unable or unwilling to help is different from just deciding to love somewhere then there's no hope for you.
0.6705 I hope you can see now how you have to be a LOT more specific if you want a meaningful answer here.
0.6674 The entire reason King Ludwig II built that castle was that the region was so amazingly beautiful.
0.6517 An 18-year-old engaged to a 16-year-old isn't creepy you moron
0.6369 The best system, albeit completely unrealistic, is a no-party system.
0.6369 I agree with others that have said that preventative measures are clearly not treatment.

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-0.9217 Crime, crime, crime. Where the fuck did you get the idea that decriminalization meant that everything to do with marijuana was fine?
-0.9154 There are a lot of selfish assholes out there, and some of them post on here while skewing or redacting details to make themselves not sound like assholes.
-0.9149 Fuck you, fuck them, and fuck both your mothers for bringing you into this world and allowing you to think it's ok to disagree with me!!!
-0.91 Nobody said anything about rape you sick fuck
-0.91 Learn that simple shit and stop being a goddamn dumbass.
-0.8807 Clearly it was you being an annoying fat fuck and not everyone else in the world being wrong, you dumbass
-0.854 Stop being so dumb, you idiot
-0.8519 And then her corpse should be raped by the three men she detests the most
-0.8442 That shit was still being finished when Framz Ferdinand was killed
-0.836 Why the fuck would their having fucked a woman make it so we can't tell them off?
-0.8316 You're a waste of space and everyone like you should be rounded up, exploited for all the labor we can wring out of you, and then killed and disposed of in the cheapest possible manner.
-0.8271 You don't somehow get immunity from prosecution for misdemeanors or felonies committed while in a car just because you weren't on a public street, you dipshit.